About Us

The Bethel Democratic Town Committee (BDTC) is the official local organization of the Connecticut Democratic Party in the town of Bethel. We are a group elected to represent Bethel’s Democrats, and we endeavor to improve our town through community engagement and political involvement. We aim to be a progressive voice for the town of Bethel, and will always support what is in the best interest of the entire community and all its people.


The BDTC helps to select and support Democratic candidates running for municipal office, as well as assisting in larger statewide initiatives by supporting the Democratic Party.


The BDTC meets the third Monday of every month at the Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center at 7:30pm. The bylaws of the Town Committee govern its operation and selection of members and officers, and govern the conduct of the Democratic Party in the Town of Bethel.


What We Stand For:

  • Supporting and electing candidates who share our vision of government  as a force for bettering the lives of all citizens
  • Maintaining transparency and positive communication between Town government and the people of Bethel
  • Demanding the highest ethical standards on the part of our public officials
  • Ensuring the highest quality of education for our children
  • Standing for responsible, measured development–both commercial and residential–to ensure the protection of our land and resources for all future generations
  • Supporting sound financial planning and budgeting, and ensuring our town’s AAA bond rating is not compromised
  • Maintaining our town both through the support of municipal projects (e.g. road maintenance and tree trimming) as well as through BTDC volunteer efforts to remove litter, clean up our parks, and beautify our downtown streetscape
  • Advocating for positions that are true to our Party’s principles
  • Encouraging our fellow Democrats to volunteer, and play an active role in our town


The officers of the Town Committee for the March 2022 – March 2024 term are:


  • Nicholas Vitti Jr. – Chairperson
  • David Olson – Vice Chair
  • Rob Stowell – Treasurer


The members of the Town Committee for the January 2022 through January 2024 term are:


  • Raghib Allie-Brennan
  • Kelly Clark
  • Karen Foster
  • Eileen Freebairn
  • Don H. Goodrich
  • Rebecca Hussey
  • Alice M. Hutchinson
  • Penny Kessler
  • Stanley Kessler
  • Matthew S. Knickerbocker
  • Martin J. Lawlor, Jr.
  • Terry Letellier
  • Amy Mannion
  • David R. Olson
  • Patrick M. Perrefort
  • Nancy J. Ryan
  • Cathy Schaefer
  • Darius Shekari
  • Patricia Smithwick
  • Allison Stowell
  • Rob Stowell
  • Richard C. Straiton
  • Richard Tibbitts
  • Nicholas W. Vitti, Jr.