A Message from the “Rich Knows Bethel” Campaign

A Message from the “Rich Knows Bethel” Campaign

To Bethel Voters,

Special Election Day, Tuesday, February 7th , is almost here. The “Rich Knows Bethel”
Campaign, its campaign manager and, most importantly Rich Straiton, would like
to thank all of our relatives, friends, neighbors, and fellow voters for their

To Senator Blumenthal and Senator Murphy, to Lieutenant Governor Susan
Bysiewicz, to our Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan, to former First Selectman
Matt Knickerbocker, to State Comptroller Sean Scanlon, and to our neighboring
First Selectmen Rudy Marconi and Don Lowe, your endorsements demonstrate
your confidence in Rich’s ability to be a successful First Selectman.

To the contributors to the campaign, thank you. Your generosity enabled us to
share our message and Rich’s capabilities with the entire voter list.

To Dr. Pat Cosentino, thank you for joining our team and for your willingness to
share your expertise and judgement as we embark on a new chapter of Bethel’s

We had numerous opportunities to counter Republican claims and falsehoods,
but at Rich’s direction stayed “on the high road”.

We are proud of our candidate and look forward to a well-deserved victory on
Tuesday and the opportunity to continue the success of the Knickerbocker-
Straiton administration.