Public Site & Building: Update on the Bethel Police Station Project

The Police Commission held a brief Informational Session at the end of July to outline nearly 900,000 dollars worth of cuts, efforts to move this project toward a second referendum remain ongoing. The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance have yet to settle on a budgetary number after having been presented three specific and distinct options by the Public Site & Building Commission, per the directive of the Board of Selectmen.

Once it is discussed, and the two boards agree to a specific maximum number, the next steps include another informational meeting or public hearing, a town meeting to request a referendum date, and then, finally, the referendum itself. It remains to be seen if there is enough time to put the vote up this November, but all of the associated boards – elected and appointed – are working hard to make sure what is put forth to the taxpayers is a responsible proposal that satisfies the Police Department’s needs while keeping costs in line.