Erik Brudvig – Planning & Zoning

Family Details/ Town of Bethel History, e.g. lifetime resident, longtime resident:
Resident since 2018

Education: Willamette University, 2006 BA
Pacific University, 2009 MAT
Sacred Heart University, 2018 092

Recent Work History, Description and Titles:

  • Transition Coordinator, Weston Public Schools
  • Coordinator of Special Education, Bethel Middle School, Bethel Public Schools
  • Special Education Teacher, Bethel Public Schools

Town of Bethel and Community Activities:

  • My family and I are involved with the Scotty Fund and volunteer time at events to
    support the Andersons.
  • I’ve coached sports at Bethel Middle School
    Presented for the local chapters of Trout Unlimited on DIY destination fly fishing travel

Leadership Positions and Governmental positions held, if any:

  • I was the coordinator of Special Education at Bethel Middle School.
  • I coached the women’s club soccer team at the University of Oregon.

Other Information/Interests:

Why you are running for the position sought…What has drawn you to local politics?
why you are a good candidate?

My life and career have been focused on service. I believe that involvement and
engagement leads to progress. Over the course of the last three years my wife and I have
been working on a home improvement project. We love Bethel. It’s the town in which
we choose to raise our children. We had a terribly difficult time navigating the
bureaucracy of residential town development. I want to understand the inner workings
of local government so that I can hopefully be part of a system that is more transparent
to our Bethel neighbors.

What do you hope to accomplish in this position (i.e., what are your top goals)?

Learn. I recognize that I am starting truly from ground zero. While some folks might see
that as a weakness, I think there is beauty in seeing scenarios with fresh eyes. Being part
of a team that can articulate an actionable vision is really important. It’s impossible to
say exactly what the future will hold, but I think helping our neighbors envision what
our town will look, feel, and be like to live in in 10, 20, 30 years is essential to help
folks feel stable.

What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

Even though I’m 40, bald, and am usually exhausted after chasing around my two little
kiddos, I’m a really good athlete! I played soccer in college, play in men’s basketball
leagues throughout Danbury, and am running the Norwalk Half Marathon in October.
Can I still dunk? That ship has sailed