Board of Finance (Incumbent)


Dalene Foster (no relation to Board of Finance candidate Karen Foster) is an organizational consultant, college professor, and mother of three, and has served on the Bethel Board of Finance for the last 4 years. “Serving on the board for the last 4 years has been an honor and an education.  Before I was elected, I was naïve about how our tax dollars are spent,” she says. “Over the last 4 years I have worked hard to ensure that our tax dollars were wisely spent to provide Bethel residents a prosperous town, great school system, and affordable place to live.   My primary goal in seeking re-election is to ensure Bethel continues to be a prosperous, safe, and kind place for our families.”


Dalene’s experience as an organizational and management consultant for IBM and other Fortune 50 companies, where she led and facilitated executive teams in their quest to be more effective and strategically plan to achieve their goals, has been an asset in her current role on the board. “Ultimately, very important decisions about our town’s future lie in the hands of 7 individuals on the Board of Finance.  Enacting a strategic, long-term financial plan, rather than knee-jerk, reactive decisions is how the current democratic majority on the Board of Finance has worked together over the last 4 years.  I would like to continue this work with this team because I know how seriously the Board of Finance’s decisions affect our children, parents, and grandparents—today and in the future, ” she says.


In 2002, Dalene and her husband, Mark, moved to Bethel to start their family. They have lived here ever since and love our small town and cohesive community. They have three children who have attended Bethel public schools: Maverick (12th grade), Max (11th grade), and Myles (8th grade). Dalene is a parishioner of St. Mary’s.


Dalene received a PhD in Industrial/Organizational psychology from the University of Connecticut, where she also earned a B.A. in psychology and a master’s in Industrial/Organizational psychology. She currently serves as an adjunct professor of Communication at Western Connecticut State University.

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